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Top 10 Diseases Searched For
1. Acne
2. High Cholesterol
3. Depression
4. Asthma
5. Aniexty
6. Menopause
7. Migraine
8. Bad Breath
9. Psoriasis
10. Varicose Veins

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Learn About Diseases and the Natural Way To Treat Them

Think about it. Your health is the most important asset you have right now. Without it, you could not take care of your family, work, or educate your children . Simply put, without health there is no life.

The body is constantly under attack: from contaminated food, air and water; stress ; UV rays; free radicals; parasites and millions of hostile bacteria.

Every person in the world wishes to be perfectly healthy, but ailments cannot be avoided in life. It is because man has no control over his own body that diseases manifest. By studying the causes of diseases and methods of treament, a person can clearly know when one would take ill and when one would remain perfectly healthy. Through this knowledge one could become cautious and avoid diseases.

At eMedicinal.com, we want you to be aware and knowledgeable so you can prevent the disease before it starts or treat it in the early stages with natural remmedies. We have complied an disease database of over 300 diseases and ailments with links to the herbs associated with treating them! With every disease in our database we list definition of the disease, what causes it, the symptoms it brings, how you can treat it, nutrients to aid in recovery, recommendations for it, suggestions and tips, warning and cautions you may encounter.

You can either start browsing the database with the directory below or you can use our powerful search engine to find the exact information you are looking for. Also, please check out our monthly, 10 most searched for diseases on the left-side navigation. We wish you peace and good health always!

NOTE: You should not substitute herbs for any prescribed medications you are taking under a physician's care. Nor should you look to herbs as a cure-all. They tend to be much milder than synthetic medications and work more slowly, but they can be a healthy part of a balanced practice of health care. Please read our Caution Disclaimer before using the herbs listed on eMedicinal.com.

Please use the directory below or on the left-side navigation bar to browse the 300+ diseases and ailments we have listed!

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