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Unlock the Treasure of Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese Herbal Medicine is a gentle and effective alternative to Western drugs--one relatively free of side effects. Chinese medicine is holistic, which means that herbal formulas are designed to treat the whole person, both mind and body.

Chinese herbal prescriptions play an important and effective role in the treatment of many conditions. The Chinese herbal tradition has evolved over thousands of years of clinical experience, during which time it has been constantly tested and refined. Through the ages, many classical formulas have been developed to treat specific disorders. This process of evolution continues even today, as new herbal formulas are developed to treat diseases which predominate in modern industrialized countries.

Many Chinese herbal formulas contain special tonic herbs that can be taken daily to increase resistance to disease, enhance energy and prolong life. Ginseng and astragalus are perhaps the most widely known in this group. Others less commonly known include ligustrum, schizandra, he shou wu and ganoderma. These herbs are called "adaptogens" because they strengthen the body, enhancing its ability to adapt to stress. They have a particularly positive effect on the immune system and are being used successfully in the treatment of immune-related disorders such as chronic fatigue syndrome (Epstein-Barr) and systemic candida, as well as in the management of ARC and AIDS.

Please click on the ailment below to read about the chinese herbal formula to treat it.

  • For Regulating Stagnant Chi
  • Ma Huang Decoction
  • Cinnamon Branch Combination
  • Simple Laxative Formula
  • Chinese White Tiger Decoction
  • Traveler's Joy
  • Upper Respiratory
  • Urinary Problems
  • Gallstones and Urinary Stones
  • Clear Heat, Remove Dampness & Prostate Tonifier
  • Gynecology
  • Stress and Nervous Tension
  • Relieve Head Wind and Blood Stagnation
  • Heart and Mind
  • Weight Control
  • Liver
  • Liver Chi Regulation
  • Skin and Genital Herpes
  • Blood Purification, Skin & Inflammatory Conditions
  • Immune System
  • Natural Antibiotic, Blood and Lymphatic Cleanser
  • Circulation and Warmth
  • Glandular System
  • To Aid Fasting
  • Food Supplement
  • Bulk Nutrient Laxative
  • Tai Chi
  • Shujin Chih
  • Tonifies Yin
  • Tonifies Yang
  • Pueraria Combo, Ko Ken Tang or Kudzu Root Tea
  • Minor Bupleurum Combination / Hsiao Chai Hu Tang
  • Jade Screen or Yipingfeng San
  • Strong Blood or Si Wu Tang
  • Four Nobles or Si Junza Tang
  • Circulation and Warmth
  • Eight Precious Herbs or Bazhen Wan
  • Wu Zi Wan
  • To Counteract Excess Yin and Coldness
  • Bu Zhong Yin Chi Wan
  • Ginseng and Antler Combination
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