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Normal exfoliation of the epidermia of the scalp in the form of dry, white scales. May be worse in diseased condition. Sometimes due to seborrhea.


Caused sometimes by dysfunctional sebaceous glands in the scalp. When these glands secrete abnormally, the scalp forms scales that may itch and burn. Over-the-counter ointments can do more harm than good. Consult the doctor. A dermatologist may possibly prescribe lotions that cleanse and dry with sulfur and resorcin or Deprosone cream.


Itching, burning, scales that are white, and scalp irritation (often from scratching during sleeptime).


Kelp tablets, 5 tablets per day, supplies needed minerals, especially iodine, for better hair growth and healing of the scalp. Unsaturated fatty acids, taken as directed on the label (primrose oil and salmon oil help relieve pain and inflammation). Vitamin B complex plus extra vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), 100 mg. twice daily with meals (use high stress formula). Vitamin E, 400 IU per day, is needed for improved circulation. Zinc lozenges, 5 per day, dissolved in mouth, taken for one week (protein metabolism depends on zinc and the scalp is primarily protein). Vitamin A, 20,000 IU per day, helps prevent dry skin and aids in healing of tissue. Beta-carotene, 15,000 IU per day, helps prevent dry skin and aids in healing of tissue. Lecithin, 3 times per day, protects the scalp and strengthens cell membranes of the scalp and hair.


  • TB
    • Agave
    • Burdock
    • Butternut
    • Chaparral, used as hair rinse
    • Chamomile
    • Cleavers
    • Clover, red
    • Dandelion
    • Elm, English
    • Fern, maidenhair
    • Figwort
    • Goldenseal
    • Grape vine root
    • Hops
    • Indian Hemp, black
    • Ivy, English
    • Lady's slipper
    • Nettle
    • Oak, white
    • Olive
    • Peach tree leaves
    • Periwinkle
    • Quassia
    • Rosemary
    • Sage
    • Sanicle
    • Soap bark
    • Yucca (soapweed)
    • Walnut, English
    • Willow


    Avoid fried foods, dairy products, sugar, flour, chocolate, nuts, and seafood. Diet should consist of 50% to 75% raw foods. Eat soured products such as yogurt.

    Don't pick or scratch the scalp. Avoid irritating soaps and greasy ointments and creams. Make sure to wash the hair frequently and use non-oily shampoo. Try using a hair product that does not contain chemicals. Some people find that the sun helps clear up dandruff, but others that this is a problem, the dandruff becomes worse after sun exposure.

    If antibiotics are used, be sure to take acidophilus or Megadophilus supplements to replace the "good" bacteria that are destroyed by antibiotics (antibiotics kill all bacteria, good and bad kinds). Also be sure to take extra vitamin B complex.

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