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Age Spots


Age Spots are flat brown spots that appear anywhere on the body as it ages. Also called liver spots, they are the results of a waste build-up known as "lipofuscin accumulato" (brown pigment granules representing lipid-containing residues of lysosomal digestion). Lipids denoting substances extracted from animal or vegetable cells by nonpolar or "fat" solvents; an operational term describing a solubility characteristic, not a chemical substance. These spots are often thought to be harmless, but actually they are signs that the cells are full of accumulated waste that is slowly destroying cells in the body, including the brain and liver cells. They are the surface sign of free radical intoxication of the body.


The causes of age spots include poor diet, lack of exercise, excess sun exposure, poor liver function, and the ingestion of rancid oils.


Vitamin B complex plus extra Pantothenic acid (B5), 100 mg. 3 times per day, is needed by the elderly for proper assimilation of all nutrients. Vitamin C with biofavonoids, 3,000-6,000 mg. per day in divided doses, is a powerful antioxidant and free radical scavenger that is necessary for tissue repair. Lactobacillu bulgaricus, taken as directed on the label, aids in liver regeneration and digestion. Bio-Strath, taken as directed on the label, acts as a tonic. Calcium, 1,500-2,000 mg. per day. Magnesium, 750-1,000 mg. per day. Gervital H-3 (GH-3) cream, use as directed on the label, is a skin cream from Rumania that is excellent, apply it externally. Lecithin, 1 capsule or 1 tbsp. with meals, is needed for proper brain function, this emulsifier works well as an antioxidant when taken with vitamin E. Vitamin A-D-E emulsion, 50,000 IU vitamin A, 400 IU vitamin D, 600 IU vitamin E, aids in cleaning and rebuilding the system to prevent age spots. Emulsion form is more easily assimilated.


  • TB
    • Beet juice
    • Dandelion
    • Ginseng
    • Gotu kola
    • Licorice
    • Radish, black
    • Sarsaparilla


    A high-protein diet that includes: 50% raw fruits and vegetables and fresh grains, seeds, and nuts. Be aware that seeds and nuts may become rancid. Avoid caffeine, fried foods, processed foods, sugar, and tobacco. Sun exposure should be limited.

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