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Medicinal Food News

Probiotics and antibiotics create a killer combination
The researchers envision that this approach could be used to develop new types of bandages or other wound dressings embedded with antibiotics and alginate-encapsulated probiotics

Diets rich in fish oil could slow spread and growth of breast cancer cells
A new study on mice provides further evidence that a diet high in omega-3 fats may delay the development and spread of breast cancer

New research shows drinking No 1 Rosemary Water improves memory by up to 15 percent
Tests conducted at Northumbria University show drinking concentrated No 1 Rosemary Water improves cognitive performance

Watching Canada’s experiment with legal cannabis
On Oct. 17, 2018, the government of Canada will launch a national, uncontrolled experiment in which the profits of cannabis producers and tax revenues are squarely pitched against the health of Canadians.

Ketogenic diet appears to prevent cognitive decline in mice, study finds
The Ketogenic Diet, simple caloric restriction, or the pharmaceutical rapamycin appear to improve neurovascular function and prevent cognitive decline in animal models.

Nearly 800 dietary supplements contained unapproved drug ingredients, study finds
Potentially harmful and undeclared pharmaceuticals were identified in more than 700 over-the-counter dietary supplements in an analysis of U.S. Food and Drug Administration warnings from 2007 through 2016

Link between Gut Flora and Multiple Sclerosis Discovered
Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own immune system attacks and damages the protective coating around nerve cells.

Seed oils are best for LDL cholesterol
The researchers found that seed oils were the best choice for people looking to improve their cholesterol.

Scoliosis linked to essential mineral
Children with severely curved spines may be unable to use manganese

Lessons from the 1918 flu pandemic, 100 years on
With flu season nearly upon us, a new study looks at the factors behind the extremely high mortality of the 1918 flu pandemic and how to prepare for future pandemics

FDA Bans Use of 7 Synthetic Food Additives After Environmental Groups Sue
The decision comes in response to a petition brought by environmental and consumer groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Center for Food Safety, and the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

Taking vitamin D supplements may not improve bone health
there is little reason for adults to take vitamin D supplements for their bones to protect against fractures,

Aspirin to Lower Risk of Ovarian Cancer
women who reported taking a low-dose aspirin every day had a 23 percent lower risk of ovarian cancer compared to nonaspirin users

A grape constituent protects against cancer
Scientists at UNIGE discovered that a molecule found in grape skin and seeds can protect against lung cancer when administered by the nasal route.

Wheat that pumps iron, naturally
Biofortification is the process of naturally increasing the nutritional value of a crop.

Drinking more water reduces bladder infections in women
Drinking an additional 1.5 liters of water daily can reduce recurring bladder infections in premenopausal women by nearly half, a yearlong study of otherwise healthy women with a history of repeated infections has found.

Cancer hijacks the microbiome to glut itself on glucose
Cancer needs energy to drive its out-of-control growth. It gets energy in the form of glucose, in fact consuming so much glucose that one method for imaging cancer simply looks for areas of extreme glucose consumption – where there is consumption, there is cancer.

Is coffee good for you or not?
Just a couple of calories a cup, good old black coffee packs quite a punch. It wakes you up, boosts your metabolic rate and decreases the risk of some diseases.

Vitamin B supplements may protect kidney function in children with diabetes
These findings indicate that simple supplementation of vitamin B complex may protect against the development and progression of kidney disease in children with diabetes

Physical exercise improves the elimination of toxic proteins from muscles
the lack of muscle stimulus due to a surgically induced sciatic nerve injury in rats resulted in a buildup of inadequately processed proteins in muscle cells and consequently led to muscle weakness or wasting.

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