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Medicinal Food News

E-cigarette users show cancer-linked genetic changes
A USC study in 93 people shows that e-cigarette users develop some of the same cancer-related molecular changes in oral tissue as cigarette smokers, adding to the growing concern that e-cigarettes aren’t a harmless alternative to smoking

New study shows more protein and fewer calories help older people lose weight safely
Participants lost about 18 pounds, most of it fat (87 percent), and preserved muscle mass. The control group lost about half a pound

Researcher Finds 14% of Canadian Sausages Mislabelled, Down from Last U of G Study
Researchers found mislabelling and cross-species contamination of meat ingredients in 14 per cent of sausage samples selected from grocery stores across the country.

Diet drinks may be associated with strokes among post-menopausal women
In a large observational study, women who reported drinking more than one diet soda or other artificially sweetened drink a day had a higher risk of strokes caused by a blood clot.

Large Study Fails to Link Phthalates and Increased Breast Cancer Risk
Virtually everyone in the United States is exposed to phthalates in varying degrees, primarily by eating and drinking food and liquid that has come in contact with products containing the chemicals

Study Finds Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice Helped Lower Blood Pressure And LDL 'Bad' Cholesterol In Older Adults
Montmorency tart cherry juice can easily be incorporated into the diet without increasing calorie or sugar intake, especially if consumed in place of sugar-sweetened beverages

Potent marijuana edibles can pose a major unrecognized risk to patients with cardiovascular disease
In a recent case, inappropriate dosing and oral consumption of marijuana by an older patient with stable cardiovascular disease resulted in distress that caused a cardiac event and subsequent reduced cardiac function

Compounds found in fish oil may prevent pregnancy complications, finds study
Compounds found in fish oil prevent pregnancy complications, including preterm birth, neonatal death, and stillbirth, in mice when the complications are caused by a common oral bacteria

Phthalates may impair fertility in female mice
Ten days’ exposure to the phthalate DiNP interfered with the fertility of female mice, decreasing pregnancy rates for up to nine months afterward

The involvement of the gut in Parkinson's disease: hype or hope?
There is accumulating evidence that at least in some PD patients, the origin of the disease may lie in the gut with possible involvement of abnormal protein aggregates, local inflammation, and the gut microbiome

A small number of crops are dominating globally. And that's bad news for sustainable agriculture
Soybeans, wheat, rice and corn are prime examples. These four crops alone occupy just shy of 50 per cent of the world’s entire agricultural lands, while the remaining 152 crops cover the rest.

Cannabinoid compounds may inhibit growth of colon cancer cells
the researchers tested how 370 different synthetic cannabinoid compounds affected seven types of human colon cancer cells

Flaxseed Fiber Ferments in Gut to Improve Health, Reduce Obesity
Research in mice suggests that fermentation of flaxseed fibers in the gut changes the microbiota to improve metabolic health and protect against diet-induced obesity

Quality of overall diet is key to lowering type 2 diabetes risk
a high-quality diet defined by low intake of animal foods such as red meat, and high intake of plant foods such as vegetables, fruits and whole grains, and reduced intake of sweetened beverages could be associated with reduced risk of diabetes.

Common e-cigarette chemical flavorings may impair lung function
E-cigarette users are heating and inhaling flavoring chemicals that were never tested for inhalation safety

The dangers of hidden fat: Exercise is your best defense against deep abdominal fat
Visceral fat can affect local organs or the entire body system. Systemically it can affect your heart and liver, as well as abdominal organs

Medical cannabis relieves symptoms in children with autism
Overall, more than 80 percent of the parents reported significant or moderate improvement in their child,

Calorie Restriction Prevents Asthma Symptoms Linked to Inflammation In Mice
researchers report that a low-calorie diet prevented asthma symptoms regardless of the diet’s fat and sugar content

Vitamin D could lower the risk of developing diabetes
New Brazilian research has found that increasing levels of vitamin D through supplementation appears to be linked with lower glucose levels and therefore a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

What you eat could impact your brain and memory
The researchers found for individuals who have higher CCK levels, their chance of having mild cognitive impairment, a precursor state to Alzheimer’s disease, or Alzheimer’s disease decreased by 65 percent

Hens that lay human proteins in eggs offer future therapy hope
Chickens that are genetically modified to produce human proteins in their eggs can offer a cost-effective method of producing certain types of drugs

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