“One of the most important discoveries I believe we’ve made that will help you burn fat – green coffee bean extract”- Dr. Oz

Update: Green Coffee Extract is sold out in most major retailers. As of Sunday, July 21st, 2024 - 04:21am it's still available online from this trusted supplier.

Green coffee bean extract is the hottest new way to shred fat from your stomach. Having only 20mg of caffeine per serving, compared to 100+mg per serving for a cup of joe, green coffee bean extract won't make you wired, jittery, and nervous. Unlike other caffeine diet pills, it's active ingredient, chlorogenic acid, halts the release of sugar, aka glucouse, letting your body process it to keep it from going to you gut. We recommend you try this superfood today!


Comment Posted on: Wednesday, July 17th, 2024 at 8:55 pm

My friends and I have all been waiting for the "Green Coffee" diet to hit the news. At least 5 of us have all done the 'Green Coffee" diet and we all lost a bunch of weight. This stuff is truly incredible and has changed our lives. Good luck to everyone who takes advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Results may or may not vary depending on your diet and exercise habits and will differ from person to person.


Comment Posted on: Wednesday, July 10th, 2024 at 6:16 am

I've been procrastinating for 3 months now on losing weight and today is the day I am gonna take action and get started. I've gone ahead and ordered and I'm going to go do 30 min of exercise right now! Thanks Womens Health for the motivation that got me started! Love, Ellese

Results may or may not vary depending on your diet and exercise habits and will differ from person to person.


Comment Posted on: Wednesday, July 17th, 2024 at 12:43 pm

There is a big stir going on these days about Green Coffee bean. I am seeing Green Coffee Bean Extract all over... they were giving out free smaples of a Green Coffee at my local supermarket. I went back to buy some after I saw some results but they were sold out. I just ordered a 2-month package and I'm going to give it a go. Thanks for the links to the supplier who has it in stock :)

Results may or may not vary depending on your diet and exercise habits and will differ from person to person.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green coffee beans are coffee beans in their early stage. They vary from coffee beans because they are not roasted. When you roast the green coffee beans, they lose their green color and also lose the majority of their chlorogenic acid, which is the key point to why they can assist us humans in losing weight.

Chlorogenic Acid

The chlorogenic acid in the green coffee bean extract is capable of reducing the release of glucose (sugar) and can burn fat in the liver. Chlorogenic acid works by slowing down the release of sugar in blood stream. When there is a slower release of sugar to the blood stream, there isn't as much sugar building up, which means a minimum of fat build up. Chlorogenic acid is all natural and perfectly safe, which is why green coffee bean extract looks like a promising weight loss supplement.

Weight Loss Benefits

Recent studies have shown that this supplement actually helps one lose weight. The main area of weight loss seems to be around the waist. The average number of pounds lost by experimenters was about 3 lbs. in 5 days (results will vary for each person). This green coffee bean extract helps slow down glucose (sugar) release. This means that glucose has more time to process itself, which causes there to be less fat building up. So far, researchers have concluded that green coffee bean extract, is in fact, a safe weight loss supplement. From what researchers know, there is no "catch" to this supplement. It is just the extract from an all-natural plant, with a special antioxidant called chlorogenic acid.

Energy Benefits

In addition to weight loss, chlorogenic acid also increases one's metabolism, or energy. This naturally occurring acid gives makes you feel energized, and makes you feel more full when you eat. This acid has the power to make one feel less hungry and crave food less. When you are less hungry, you don't always have sudden impulses to eat. Not having these sudden urges to eat, reduces the actual amount of food you take in, resulting in a greater results weight loss. Researchers say that chlorogenic acid also improves focus and can help concentration. Energy is important to have and everyone needs it to function properly during the day.

Health Benefits

When taking green coffee bean extract, you do not need to add any exercise to your daily routine. That means, if you take the extract on a regular basis, you can lose weight without making any new changes to your physical activities. In addition to that, you do not need to make any diet changes. Although you do not need to make any changes to your daily routine, exercise is essential to keeping a healthy heart, and preventing yourself from obtaining heart disease or having a stroke. It's crucial to have at least some exercise in your daily activities, and if you take green coffee bean extract while maintaining a healthy physical schedule, you will be fit and strong in no time. I suggest also maintaining a stable and healthy diet. Just because you're taking a weight loss supplement doesn't mean you can't do the most to stay healthy! Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and try to avoid foods with high fat levels. This includes hamburgers, chips, and even soda. Drink lots of water not only because it's essential for keeping hydrated, but drinking water also reduces and washes out sugar in your system.


If you do plan on taking green coffee bean extract, take note that your results may vary from the experimenters. This extract can be very pricey and somewhat unaffordable, so be aware that a month's supply of it can cost around $20-$60. On another note, ask your doctor if you are able to take this supplement. I do not recommend taking it if you have a medical condition. The green coffee bean extract seems like a great idea and appears as if it could help a vast number of people with obesity. From my research I can conclude that the coffee bean extract is safe and can help us humans in lose weight, gain focus and energy, and keep us healthy. Maybe in the near future, more people will take the green coffee bean extract.